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Women's Health


Do nurse midwives provide healthcare for women outside of pregnancy & birth?

Yes! CNMs are well trained to provide gynecological & primary women’s healthcare for women of all ages. And, because they are educated on the benefits of a holistic approach, their emphasis, before medications or surgery is always on prevention, healthy lifestyle measures, good nutrition, use of appropriate herbals & homeopathics and other non pharmacological treatment options.

Examples of services offered at Caring for Women Midwifery

  • Yearly exams
  • Pap tests
  • Family planning & contraception management
  • Fertility awareness counseling
  • Management of common women’s health concerns

Problems associated with hormonal imbalances such as

  • PMS, menopause & low libido.
  • Preconception counseling

****** Now offering Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for management of hormonal imbalances such as PMS & Perimenopause!

Bioidentical hormones are not to be confused with synthetic commercial preparations of hormones that are commonly derived from animals & are linked to many types of female cancers. Bioidentical hormones have the same exact properties as the hormones naturally found in the human body & therefore, create the same response without the unpleasant side effects that commercially prepared hormones can cause. And, because these preparations are made locally, they can be individually tailored to a woman's specific needs.