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Birth Stories

The birth of Samantha

All week long i had been feeling different. Extra moody and emotional. Sick of people asking if she had come yet, or if i was feeling differently. But my body was definitely preparing for this baby to come. I wasnt due until april 28th but I knew she'd be early. I spent most evenings of this last trimester drinking red raspberry tea, in my yoga pants, watching "call th midwife". Braxton hicks contractions had been happening since week 20 but had been picking up some. On the morning of the 17th at 38 weeks i woke up around 6:30am to a cramp that was most definitely a labor pain.  I told Jason that i was pretty sure this was it and to give the guys at work a heads up that he would either be late or not coming in. Within one hour i was sure,he wasn't going in. I had him pull out my home birth box of supplies and start blowing up my birth pool. I text my amazing midwife jen and told her that i was pretty sure things were getting going. I kept her posted every hour or so so that she could plan her day accordingly since she was over an hour away from me. Dom woke up around 7:30 and was excited to see the pool set up in the living room. I told him he would get to meet his baby sister soon. We let aunt tracy and uncle phil know to come get dom when things started getting going. Until then Dom had eggs and toast for breakfast with nana in their apartment down stairs like most mornings. Once 10:00 rolled around Tracy came to pick up Dom. My contractions were getting intense and things were getting chaotic with the in-laws so i was ready for them to go to work and leave me to do my thing. My mom came over with plenty of food and drinks for my birth team and helped jay get the pool filled and boiled water. For some reason she thaught i would want to be chopping veggies while i was in labor. I paced the kitchen instead and stopped timing my contractions after Jen reminded me "not to let myself be a watched pot " Instead i spent a few contractions on my knees hanging over the couch with my head in a pillow. Jen called to see how i was because i hadn't been responding to her texts because i was so distracted managing my contractions. She heard me say one sentence and said " ya, you sound like you're in labor, im on my way" she made it over by 11am to find me in the pool on my knees, my labor play list playing in the back round, the windows open because it was a beautiful spring day and mom and jay were pouring near boiling water on my lower back ( it felt amazing! My back was so sore!) my water still hadn't broken and contractions were getting so intense that i started to vocalize. My noises would go from a lower register primal like hum/ moan to a high pitched squeal at the peak of the contraction and then i would take a break, sit back and stretch my legs until the next. I snacked on peanut butter toast, granola bars, and water through out my labor, used my own bathroom, moved around as freely as i wanted. I would occasionally stand leaning into Jason and rock back and forth like a slow dance during contractions. Jen would check the babies heartbeat every15mins or so only in between contractions so as not to disturb me. She was so encouraging and such a calm presence to have there. She would reassure me that i was doing great, i was being so brave, and that my contraction was accomplishing a lot. At 1:00pm i told jen that during each contraction my body was starting to feel pushy. Water still hadn't broken and contractions were every minute or so. Jen felt to see if she could feel the head. I could feel the bag of water bulging out and yelled " what the heck is that?!" Jen said "its pretty amazing!" And i calmed down. She was so positive the whole time. With my next push Samantha's head was out and the water bag broke. I felt an amazing relief. One more push and a squeeze of Jason's hands and she was out. Born at 1:45pm. Jen said " shes ok i promise!" Again, i felt relief. I turned over (since i had birthed her kneeling and leaning over the side of the pool ) and took her into my arms, brought her against my chest skin to skin. She was a little purple so jen suctioned her out and she let out a little cry. But other then that she was completely calm and just looking around. Covered in vernix, I held her until the chord stopped pulsing and then jason cut it, and held her while i got out of the pool and cleaned up. My bleeding was a little heavier but jen was great about this too and had me take a special medication, along with some chlorophyl water which i had been taking and saving for an occasion like this. She wanted to make sure i would avoid a situation that would require a transfusion since she new my wishes regarding this. After things were calmed down i had tracy and phil bring Dominic home to meet his sister. His eyes got so big and the smile on his face was huge when he met her. (Or so I'm told, i was in the bathroom when he got home ) i ate a ham and swiss sub and some soup that i had been craving for months.  i nursed Samantha and have been doing so ever since and loving it. The visitors started filing in to meet the new little girl but after that day we made sure things stayed calm so we could focus on bonding with our baby without too many distractions. It was all an amazing experience that I will always cherish