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Birth Stories

Alexander's birth story

While most babies take their turns, occasionally, 2 births will be happening at the same time.  Luckily, I work with wonderful assistants and other midwives who are able to help out, should the need arise.  Baby Alex was born during one of those times....

Itís been almost a year and just now Iím sitting down to write about how my wonderful son Alexander came into the world. It seems like just yesterday he was in my belly and I was begging him to come out because I was so uncomfortable, being that he decided that he wanted to stay in there for an additional two weeks past my due date. Wait a minute did I say uncomfortable actually those last two weeks were misery, between the unbearable heartburn, having to pee every five seconds, and Braxton hicks it was a wonder I didnít reach up there and rip him out myself.  However much as I wanted him out, I really didnít want to go into labor without his Daddy being home, and I got my wish. On Shannonís first day off in weeks I went into labor.

We were on our way to the bank when I felt the first contractions. I kept feeling them through out the day, and brushed them off thinking they were nothing more then the Braxton hicks contractions that I had been feeling since the second trimester of my pregnancy. So with out a thought we continued on with our errands. First a trip to the mall then a trip to the DMV where the contractions seemed to get progressively worse at which point I called my mother not believing that I was truly in labor and not wanting to bother my wonderful midwife Jen. After a rather short conversation with my mother and her convincing me that I was truly in labor I resided myself to call Jen, with her confirming that I was indeed in labor but the actual birth was a ways off we headed home.

After arriving at home and staying for only a few minutes I decided that a trip to Arbyís was in order. So we trundled off to get me my Turkey bacon Ranch sandwich minus the bacon and a side of jalapeŮo poppers. However the contractions still werenít unbearable just very, very annoying, to take my mind off of each contraction I called my sister Betty and talked to her for a good hour or two then decided to get off the phone when the contractions started coming more frequently. My niece Kendra called at this point with questions conserving her own pregnancy trying to answer her questions and hold back the tears that were coming because of the contractions was starting to get way to difficult so I got off the phone with her and kneeled over the back of the couch with each contraction coming on stronger and faster. Shannon called our midwife Jen and told her that Alexander was now definately on his way that night. Unfortunately Jen was at another birth so she sent her assistant Emily ahead of her. While Emily was on her way here Shannon set up the birthing pool and filled it with warm water, and helped me on in. Soon there after Emily arrived I have never been so happy to see another person other then Shannon in my whole life, it was such a relief to have her there. Some time later Jenís back up midwife, Valerie arrived and things were getting into full swing. After eight hours of contractions  and wanting to throw up and three hours of pushing, Alexander Shannon Thompson was born!  As I gently reached down into the water to bring him up and cradle him in my arms I remember thinking ďHe is the most beautiful and amazing thing that I have ever seen, and knowing that I created his helpless wonderful creature within my body was truly remarkable. and I donít think that I could love another person more then I could ever love him.Ē It was truly a rewarding and beautiful experience to have him at home and welcomed into our family in such a gentle and loving way. First he was welcomed into our family by his daddy who cut the umbilical cord at 12:43am and then welcomed again by both of his grandmothers at 2am after we were both cleaned and dressed in our finest attire for me it was sweats for him a cute little footy pajamas!