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Birth Stories

Water Birth

The birth of Samantha

All week long i had been feeling different. Extra moody and emotional. Sick of people asking if she had come yet, or if i was feeling differently. But my...Read More »

Alexander's birth story

...Read More »

Noah's Story

Being a surprise pregnancy, I should have known a lot more surprises and unknown things were headed my way with the delivery of my first son, Noah....Read More »

Malley's Story

Our baby girl was due Tues. December 8th, 2009. She was actually born three weeks early on Tues. November 17th, 2009. Here's the story of how she...Read More »

Christopher's Story

My “due date” was November 20th...Hello! and Goodbye! My hope was to have the baby before Thanksgiving so I could eat a BIG dinner but the baby had other...Read More »