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Home Birth

“My work is so much more than a job, it is truly a passion & calling”

If you are healthy, experiencing a normal pregnancy, and have a strong desire to birth naturally, then home birth is a wonderful option for you. There are so many benefits to birthing your baby in the privacy & comfort of your own home for both you & your baby. And, study after study has found home birth with a qualified midwife just as safe, if not safer, then birthing at the hospital. Why? Because birth is complex process heavily dependent on a delicate balance of hormones best secreted when the mother is feeling secure and comfortable in her surroundings. If she is disturbed, fearful, or anxious, this hormonal cocktail is altered leading to changes in the labor and slowing down or even halting of the birth process and resulting in increased levels of discomfort.

I explain it to my clients like this: having a baby is a 9 month continuum, starting from the moment of conception and ending with the birth. The same conditions that make it pleasant & possible to make the baby, also make it best for having the baby: privacy, security, intimacy, feelings of love & affection, and last but least, a sense of timelessness.... that no one is “waiting” for you to be finished. If you can’t make a baby according to stringent time restrictions, why would we believe that we could have a baby under those same time pressures?

Choosing home birth means that you will have the ultimate say on how your birth is conducted and you will be in charge. I am mainly there to provide support & encouragement, and of course to offer assistance should a situation arise which requires my clinical expertise.

While I do bring emergency equipment and medications to every birth, I rarely ever use any of them. And, while I have been taught all kinds of interesting & useful remedies for difficulties encountered during pregnancy & birthing, I have found the things that works the best are trusting the wisdom of the mother-baby dyad and patience, patience, patience!